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Why you need a good fertilizer in your farm

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It is not only the current source of significant environmental concerns, but it is also essential for the future of our world. We need to make our agricultural systems more sustainable in order to face the mounting challenges of climate change, human health, population increase, and resource strain. Here are some of the reasons why fertilizers are so important in doing this:

1. Fertilizers can assist farmers in coping with climate change and operating in water-scarce areas.

Organic fertilizers and plants can resist climatic stress better than nutrient-deficient ones. Fertilizer effective management practice is critical for farmers who need to increase yields in good seasons to compensate for more severe weather occurrences in poor seasons by enhancing crop resilience.

Some soluble fertilizers can also be mixed with irrigation water to supply nutrients and water to plants in the most effective way possible. This technology, known as fertilizer application, can be used in arid or semi-arid locations with highly basic irrigation systems, minimizing water loss and aiding in the reclamation of lost farmland.

2. Fertilizer application contributes to climate change mitigation by enhancing soil carbon sequestration.

Soils are the greatest terrestrial carbon store, capable of storing up to 50-300 tons of carbon per hectare, and account for 89 percent of agriculture’s mitigation potential. 4R nutrient management, in conjunction with optimum soil management methods, contributes to the growth of soil organic matter (SOM) by increasing biomass production, which allows more non-harvested carbon rich biomass (e.g. roots and stems) to return to the ground. This not only improves soil health and production, but also increases CO2 sequestration in soils.

3. Fertilizers aid in the prevention and reversal of soil pollution and soil erosion

Desertification is the excessive deterioration of land in arid, semi-arid, and dry sub-humid environments, which is mostly driven by human activities and climate fluctuations. This situation is especially noticeable in Africa, where diminishing soil fertility is connected to declining agricultural production.

Fertilizers utilized in accordance with best management practices play an important role in combating desertification, repairing damaged soils across the world, and increasing the health of farming systems by restoring and preserving soil health and fertility.

4. Plant nutrients guarantee that we can grow enough food to feed our expanding globe

Mineral fertilizers, which give crops with minerals required for their development and health, have resulted in enhanced yields and food production for half of the food we eat today.

Growmoor Fertilizers
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