Plant Care Collection

Baby Bio 4

Convenient ready to use orchid food feeders Each feeder lasts for up to 1 month Use during the growing season for health and vibrancy For use in the house or conservatory For vibrant flowers and healthy leaves


80sqm Miracle-Gro EverGreen

Give your garden the best chance of blooming to perfection and maintain a luscious lawn with this feed. It's got a handy spreader to make things easier for you. Miracle Gro EverGreen Fast Green 80sqm Spreader is a comprehensive nutritional solution that'll keep your grass healthy throughout the year.


80litre Professional Compost

Our Professional compost is a high grade Sphagnum Peat with the addition of a Professional NPK feed that lasts up to 8 weeks and helps plants develop stronger roots and superior growth.


80litre Multi Purpose

The compost is produced from high quality peats with the addition of a superb and proven fertilizer. Growmoor Multi-Purpose is a consistent, high grade, quality compost with a nutrient enhanced formula and wetting agent ideal for general garden use, including containers, pots, and hanging baskets. This product helps promote strong, healthy, longer lasting plants.


80litre Irish Growmoor

Produced from top quality Sphagnum Peat, Growmoor’s Irish Moss Peat has excellent aeration and moisture retention characteristics. It is ideal for seeds, cuttings, containers, hanging baskets, potting-on, planters and flower beds. It is NOT suitable for lime hating plants.


60litre Growmoor Rose,Tree

A modern precision compost specially formulated for acid loving or lime hating plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Hydrangeas, Conifers & Heathers. For successful feeding and growth.


60litre Growmoor Ornamental

Growmoor Ornamental Bark this larger bark gives superb decorative ground cover and acts as a natural weed suppressant. Ideal for flower beds and also good for retaining moisture in the ground.


60litre Growmoor Organic

Growmoor Organic Soil Conditioner Is Ideal For A Variety Of Uses Including Potting Plants, Flower Beds, Borders And Vegetable Patches. Contains Essential Nutrients Which Help Improve Drainage And Soil Condition.


60litre Chipped Bark

10-25mm chipped bark ideal mulch for weed suppression, moisture retention and root protection. Also useful for pathways and play areas.


60 litre Garden

Helps to improve the soil around plants and gives the garden a neat and tidy appearance. Helps retain the soil moisture in Summer and protect the roots in the Winter


50litre Organic FarmYard

An organic manure ideal for herbaceous borders and shrubs, top dressing roses and improving soil structures. Enriched with added nutrients to improce tired soils.


20litre Growmoor All

In addition to it being a Peat Free mix, we have enhanced the compost with seaweed to improve soil consistency in those sandy or grainy soils and it increases water retention. The seaweed also contains around 60 trace elements and it also acts as a fungal and disease preventative so it has many added benefits throughout the garden.


Plant Care Collection

Doff Rhododendron, Azaleas

Doff Azalea Controlled Release Fertilizer is presented in an easy to use 1 Kg bottle of a blend of slow releasing granules plus fast acting plant food providing nutrients when plants need it most. These granules contain a special formula of NPK ideally suited to helping azaleas rhododendron, Camellias and Magnolias thrive.



Doff Organic Pelleted Chicken Manure is an organic based multi-purpose pelleted fertilizer perfect for all around the garden. For use all around the garden. Promotes lush foliage, heavier crops and improved blooms. This 2.25kg bumper value box contains an easy to use dry fertilizer which can be sprinkled by hand in the garden and then watered in. Easy to use open and pour box Maintains healthy growth and promotes larger blooms. Can also be used in and around plants in borders.


Doff Fish Blood

The Doff Fish, Blood & Bone is a natural all-purpose formula for use all around the garden Ideal for fast-growing flower fruits and vegetables, the doff fish blood & bone fertiliser is versatile plant food for strong healthy growth.


Doff CRF Rose

Encourages healthy growth Produces bigger blooms. Quick and easy to feed Can be used all year round Contains Micro nutrients which are essential for plant health



Doff Ericaceous Controlled Slow Release Fertiliser presented in a 1kg bottle containing a blend of slow releasing granules plus fast acting plant food providing nutrients when plants need it most. Easy to use and ideal for Azalea, Camellia, Magnolia and Rhododendron Mixture of Slow and Fast release fertiliser. Encourages healthy growth and produces bigger blooms. Ideal for all plants indoors and outdoors. Easy to use shaker dispensing bottle.


DOFF 4M Slug

Product details Brand Doff Colour Multi-Color Material Copper Number of items 1 Size 1.4x1.3x0.4 cm Doff Slug & Snail Adhesive Copper Tape 4m - DP1020


Doff 1Ltr Container

Doff Container and Basket feed with micro-nutrients will encourage plants to produce flowers which last longer.  Simply add 15ml to 4.5 litres of water and this will feed approximately 3-4 baskets.  It is recommended to apply weekly during the growing season. Apply feed after watering and not when plants are dry. Feed early in the morning or in the evening and not in sunlight to avoid scorching of plants. Makes up to 300 Litres (66 gallons) of feed. We have a great range of products to help you create your perfect garden and you can choose the ‘click and collect’ option and pick up from your local store.


Doff – Flea

This flea killer powder is for the control of fleas, carpet beetles, ants, cockroaches, earwigs, woodlice and other crawling insects in the home and features: 240g. Ready to use powder. An insecticide powder for use against fleas, to be used on surfaces where flea infestations are present, e.g carpets, soft furnishing and pet bedding.


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